I had a great evening at #DentonsTechTalks at Dentons’ London office last night.

There was a thought-provoking panel discussion on blockchain technology and how it might be applicable to different businesses.

Panellist Richard Crook made me think about the technology behind blockchain in a new way. He asked the audience whether we understand how the internet or GPS work on a technical level. “Not really” was my honest thought!

He likened the technology behind blockchain to the technology underpinning GPS or the internet. It is there, but it isn’t part of a lay person’s understanding of these things. Surfing the web or being able to navigate using my phone is what makes this tech interesting to consumers and therefore businesses. Similarly, it is the applicability of blockchain technology which businesses should seek to harness.

Let’s see what the future has in store, both for the applicability of blockchain and #DentonsTechTalks!