Last night Dentons hosted a 'TechTalks' event focused on blockchain. It served as a fantastic oversight of what blockchain actually is, looking beyond cryptocurrencies and demystifying many of the issues surrounding the tech.

The event was attended by a wide-range of individuals from varying industries. Most in attendance were interested in finding out more about what this new technology means for themselves and their businesses. It is often difficult to learn about a new technology, particularly one that is so saturated with jargon. I am delighted to say that the article I wrote last month has now been published in the Property Law Journal (access to both the original article and the modified version published in the Journal can be found below). If, like those in attendance last night, you want to learn more about the tech and what it could mean for your business, then hopefully this article will help. It seeks to explain what blockchain is in the simplest of terms, and how it is going to disrupt so many industries.