The focus that the issues of data analytics and micro-targeting of political campaigning has received pretty much since the result of the 2016 Brexit referendum indicates that this is an issue that isn't going away.

But is the answer greater, platform-specific regulation?

Issues of such importance can often lend themselves to easy headline-grabbing proposals from politicians. Sometimes without a deep understanding of the regulatory framework that is already in place.

But there are strong protections regarding the use of personal data for these purposes already in place.   In many ways the GDPR was seen as specifically trying to address the issues of data "giants" like Facebook and Google.  Is the answer further platform-specific regulation?  

This only seems likely to have unintended consequences.

The ICO's previous recommendation to give greater clarity regarding exactly how data privacy laws in this area should be implemented - through a Code of Conduct - seem sensible.  Further regulation?  A debate still to be won....