The House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee has published its final 110 page report into Facebook's attitude to user data privacy and security.

Whilst the review began with a distinct focus on "fake news", recent events allowed the Committee to expand its investigations into related matters such as political manipulation and data harvesting. 

The report calls for greater regulation of social media platforms using existing tools such as privacy laws, data protection legislation, antitrust and competition law.

The report also recommends the implementation of a mandatory "Code of Ethics" . This would limit attempts by social media companies to escape liability on the basis that they are merely platforms, not publishers. 

The intention is that the new Code will be overseen by an independent regulator, with powers to launch legal challenges and demand access to information.

Interestingly, the proposal suggests that the costs of regulation will be met by the tech companies themselves. This type of levy has not been popular to date, however the inclusion of a new Digital Sales Tax in the 2018 budget may indicate an increased willingness on the part of lawmakers to shift the burden towards Silicon Valley.