For a number of years now commentators have speculated that some of the more valuable applications of artificial intelligence would be in the life sciences sector.   

At BenevolentAI, the combined team of life science and AI experts has been building a platform capable of drastically accelerating the way medicines are discovered and developed. We've been privileged to work on the IP protection for this incredible platform alongside the in-house team, including Gareth Jones and Mario Black. 

As Covid-19 went on its march around the world, BenevolentAI set up a focused team and began using the platform to address this immediate challenge.  In the absence of known therapeutic agents for Covid-19 infections BenevolentAI did not just focus on drug candidates themselves but used the platform to explore potential ways of inhibiting infection processes at cellular level.

The result, by no means their first success, was the output that a known rheumatoid arthritis drug (with both antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties) could potentially be re-purposed to inhibit the progress of Covid-19 in human hosts.

The research was published in the Lancet and is now being progressed in clinical trials with Eli Lilly.  

Congratulations to everybody at BenevolentAI on this incredible level of innovation.