We see examples all of the time about how innovation is making our lives healthier, safer, and more comfortable, turning problems into progress. Last week, an interesting example of that was a patent filed for a system that would let rideshare passengers select cars based on their odors.

The idea is to equip cars with sensors that can pick up on strong smells and if they detect a scent of something that a rider has blacklisted in a rideshare app, that car and rider won’t get paired up. It may sound a little odd but the practical health benefits for riders with serious allergies for example, could make ridesharing a much safer experience. Whether or not the system described in the patent filing is designed to handle smell preferences (ex. Evergreen Forest vs. Fresh Citrus Punch) or if it’s more focused on medical hazards like allergens or cigarette smoke remains to be determined. But for those with real health concerns, the outlook for calling an Uber or Lyft may be brighter.