The National Banking and Insurrance Commission issued Circular No. 014/2020 to all their supervised institutions last week. This communication addreses , the reform in Honduran Electronic Signature Law made by the Law for the Aid of the Productive Sector and Workers in the Face of the Effects of the Pandemic caused by the COVID-19 (National Decree 033-2020). 

Supervised institutions are thus, authorized to use electronic signatures and/or data messages for all their internal and external operations. The electronic platforms that the institutions designs and enables for the aforementioned purposes, must have all the security measures to ensure, reliability and consistency standards that guarantee the credibiltiy of the information. The affected platforms are subject to the supervision  and evaluation of the Commission. 

I believe these changes imply a transformation and a step forward towards how things are going to work in the near future after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. 

For countries, like Honduras this means the extra push we needed to transform our way doing business, and pushes us to take the leap forward towards digitalization and welcoming technology into our every day life.