We are proud to be rolling sleeves up and collaborating in the building a process automation tool for charities.   Productivity is critically important to everything we do today, and post-covid we are challenged in new and unpredictable ways.  

People want to help.  Yet with social distancing measures in place and concerns about personal safety, charties are struggling to connect with their volunteers and trustworthy information.  I can't think of a sector where increasing productivity and "enabling" talent to focus on the front line is more important. 

Dentons has worked with software company UiPath and Proservartner to develop the solution to assist the not-for-profit and charitable sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The project formed part of the Financial Times (FT) Innovative Lawyers – Global Legal Hackathon Challenge, which ran online from 27 April to 22 May. Organised by Global Legal Hackathon, and supported by FT Innovative Lawyers, the hackathon aimed to bring together legal professionals, software developers, designers and businesspeople to develop solutions to the urgent legal, business, government and social problems facing the world caused by the coronavirus crisis.